Shine Guard Symbol

The Shine Guard is a do-good organization that was originally formed to combat the Grassblasters, but now fights other wrongdoing groups as well. The Shine Guard's policies are seen as just by everyone. Because of its fair policies, its membership was bolstered. In the Aura Valley, the Shine Guard has now become one of the most powerful factions.

Territory held by the Shine GuardEdit

The Shine Guard is typically known to have a large amount of control over

The Shine Guard also co-manage the town of Miracle Falls and own the base of Lookout Point in Miracle Glade, although it is considered Statie territory.

Towns/Bases operated by Shine GuardEdit

Lakes Basin

  • Streamside
  • Orangewater Town
  • Tadpole City

Miracle Glade

  • Miracle Falls- co-owned with Staties.
  • Lookout Point

Gunpowder Glen

  • Cylinder Tube
  • Rocky Overlook
  • Old Farmtown (formerly)

Corn Maze

  • Glenmill Camp
  • Silas (Grassblasters have seized most of the town)

Electric Hills

  • Crabapple Crossing