Shimmer Vale
Shimmer Vale

Shimmer Vale

Type Town
Race(s) Helf 1Helf 2High Elf
Language(s) English
Affiliation Cardinal Rangers, Aura Valley Alliance
Location South-Central State Park
Status Active

Shimmer Vale is a town in the southern hills of the State Park. It is the last remaining remnant of the great kingdom the elves had on the southern part of the Little Gunpowder River, which the kingdoms' stone stairs and chunks of stone buildings that are scattered across the southern State Park. The elves had lived here in secrecy for about 30 years, never wandering north of the river, until Staties discovered the town while creating a new trail through the southern hills.

The ElvesEdit

The high elves that live here now have nowhere else to go after their kingdom was betrayed by one of its own, and a civil war erupted. The civil war destroyed the kingdom and the few remaining high elves hid high in the hills away from danger. However, a grassblaster threat to the east is a constant danger, but with the high elves new friendships with the Staties , Shine Guard , and Brotherhood of the Black Forest, they can feel safe. The High Elves here are led by Sindaer Sunbreeze, and he may be their de facto leader now as a race.