Miracle Glade
Statie Lands
Miracle Glade

Outside of Miracle Falls

Capital Sweet Air
Population 1,500
Races Human1Human2 Human (Staties, Shine Guard)
Faction Staties, Shine Guard
Ruler Surveyor Hunter (Shine Guard), Ecologist Stephen (Staties)
Major settlement(s) Miracle Falls
Minor Settlements Waterhut, Lookout Point
Location Central Aura Valley

Miracle Glade is a large forested valley-like area southwest from Lakes Basin, northwest of Desolate Plains , North/ Northeast of the State Park and west of Shady Glade . Unlike the Lakes Basin, this area is not home to the Grassblasters, as it is under the protection of both the courageous Shine Guard, and the fierce Staties, who have allied together to expand their territory and combat their foes.

Major SettlementsEdit

  • Miracle Falls- Miracle Falls is located right at the entrance of the zone from its entrance from Lakes Basin (in it's northernmost corner). It is located around the banks of the Orange River. It also contains ramps and small halfpipes said to be for BMX bike riders.
  • Lookout Point- Located in the northeastern most point of the area. It is a settlement built to overlook the old, abandoned house that was originally thought to be the home of something evil. It also looks over the road to Sweet Air Village and Shady Glade . It is controlled completely by the Shine Guard.
  • Waterhut- originally used to be an old abandoned house, recently converted by the Staties to be an information center for the park they maintain south of it. It is located in central- western Miracle Glade. Recently flooded.
  • Sweet Air Village- The largest community in Miracle Glade, and may be the largest community in the Aura Valley rivaled only by Cylinder Tube or Streamside. It is in the southwestern most tip of the zone. It was built by the Staties as an entrance to their park, with a map of the park and everything. It has entrances to Route 15, which leads into the park, Route 16, a road taking you down to The Statie Info. Center, A gravel path leading to the dirt path and Route 11 and Route 19, and 2 trails that enter the state park.


Miracle Glade is virtually made up of a forested valley, the Orange River flows straight down the straight, rectangular part of this area, and during the summer, thick vegetation and soggy ground make the zone virtually a jungle. The panhandle part of the zone justting out into the southwest contains of the sub-zone, Springland. Springland is a grassy field that is acessed by taking Route 16 up from the Statie Info. Center. Springland connects the main forest valley area of Miracle Glade to the town of Sweet Air Village.

Faction ControlEdit

  1. Staties
  2. Shine Guard