Desolate Plains

Route 12 going through the southern edge of Desolate

Capital Entrance Town
Population 575
Races Human1Human2 Human (Staties , Shine Guard ,Grassblasters)
Faction Staties , Shine Guard , Grassblasters
Ruler Surveyor Carter (Shine Guard )
Major settlements Yellowgrass Dig
Affiliation Staties
Location Central Aura Valley

Desolate Plains is a zone that is southwest from Miracle Glade , and northeast from the State Park. Desolate Plains is probably the least exciting of all the zones, almost completely consisting of a rolling, seemingly endless plain; although it has a small rugged, rocky path leading to Sweet Air Village in its southeastern corner.


  • Entrance Town- Entrance Town is located right at the entrance of the zone from taking Trail 11 up the hill in southwestern Miracle Glade, once one gets on top of the hill, there is the town of Entrance Town. Entrance Town is a new town and the first settlement built in the zone. As of now, it is the only base of Shine Guard and Statie forces in Desolate Plains.
  • Yellowgrass Dig- A small Grassblaster outpost located in western central Desolate Plains. It contains of a few tents and a small digsite in the ground.


Desolate Plains is known to be scorching hot during late Spring, Summer, and early Autumn. During the winter and late autumn and early spring, the zone is swept with chilling winds and the area can be overflowed with snow. The town of Entrance thrives only because of the strategic location of the zone. Many travelers cut through Desolate Plains in their travels to Sweet Air Village. When cutting through here, weary travelers can buy from vendors here and stay at the inn.

Faction ControlEdit

-Staties- Have guerilla forces patrolling the forests of Miracle Glade and State Park attacking negative influences.

-Grassblasters- When zone was first discovered, the Grassblasters cut their troops in half at Lakes Basin and sent the other half of Grassblasters, donned in yellow uniforms, to Desolate. Staties quickly drove them out into the Corn Maze, where they now terrorize. The only area of Grassblaster influence is Yellowgrass Dig.